Fertility Acupuncture Testimonials

There are no words to express my gratitude for everything that you have done to make my life complete. For many years I struggled with the pain and sadness of being diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

After trying many doctors and treatments I was finally told about Gilli. After having tried acupuncture before elsewhere I was a little apprehensive, however after my first appointment with Gilli I felt hopeful and excited. Gilli did a thorough analysis of my history and listened and answered all of my questions. I just felt a sense of calm after every visit after 2 months of treatment with Gilli I was ecstatic to find out I was pregnant.

Unfortunately I had a scare in the beginning of the pregnancy and felt hopeless. Gilli continued her treatment and I honestly believe through her treatments and her gift of being able to calm my anxiety I was able to give birth to a healthy baby boy. Gilli is a rare gem: somebody who genuinely cares and has the ability to feel others pain and happiness. I was able to call Gilli on many occasions with questions and fears and I was always amazed at her wealth of knowledge.
Gilli, you have a special gift and I am eternally grateful for helping me make my dream come true. Thank you a million times over.
My husband and I were having infertility issues when a friend recommended acupuncture as an aid to help fertility. At first I was nervous to try it because I didn’t like needles but the moment I met Gilli all my fears were set aside. She is so gentle and nurturing I felt like I was in good hands. My first visit with her felt like I was floating on a cloud. I was so relaxed and comfortable I hardly even noticed the needles. I booked weekly treatments with Gilli right after.

Gilli became more than just an acupuncturist, she counseled me during my IVF treatments and she kept me motivated even when we received bad news. Finally we got the joyous news that we were expecting. I feel like Gilli is a natural healer, she has a calm touch and she is so knowledgeable. Now that I am pregnant, I know I will continue to see Gilli even after I have the baby. She is my weekly hour of spa treatment. I can let all my stress and tension melt away when she treats me. She has helped me change my diet to wanting healthier choices and improving my overall health. I feel so incredible grateful for meeting Gilli and I love to brag to my friends and family of how amazing she is. Gilli is a rare find, she truly is a gift from God!
My husband and I were trying for our second child for over a year with no success. We started fertility treatments, IUI and hormone therapies just to discover that my husband’s counts were in the Borderline range. We stopped all western fertility treatments as we were fed up with the cost, the lack of success and the emotional toll it had on both of us. We were both very stressed which manifested in both neck and back pain for both of us. We went to Gilli as both a last hope for fertility in conjunction with some hopes for assistance in pain relief and assistance with relaxation.
Gilli was very calm and reassuring. She had no doubt that our second baby would come and that acupuncture would help us relax and get my husbands counts higher and healthier. Within three- four months of treatments for both my husband and I, we became pregnant. We welcomed our daughter on April 7th. We attribute our success completely to Gilli. Her guidance, reassurance and treatments are the reason we were able to expand our family. I highly recommend all of my friends who are having difficulty conceiving to Gilli!
I am a 40 year old woman who was told by her gynecologist because of my age, I would have a very difficult time conceiving and/or not able to conceive at all. My husband and I hadn’t even begun trying to have a child. I had picked up brochure at a local gym for Gilli’s services that talked about acupuncture and fertility. Gilli did a thorough case history and record review of my case. She met with my husband and I and discussed a course of treatment to meet our needs. Gilli discussed my diet and current supplements I was taking. She provided me with a list of foods that would stimulate fertility. I started a course of acupuncture treatment, along with diet and vitamin supplements recommended by Gilli. Gilli was also instrumental in helping us to find a new OB GYN. My husband and I were able to conceive the first time. I continued with my acupuncture treatment and Gilli’s “Keeping Formula” to strengthen my womb for the baby. I am currently 5 months pregnant. Gilli is warm, caring, compassionate, knowledgeable and always available to listen to our concerns during the pregnancy. We are happy to have her in our lives during this special time as a resource and a friend.
Dear Gilli,
I first came to you because my baby was breech and my dear doctor recommended you. So there I was- hoping that you could make it happen and help my baby turn so I could have the natural birth I was hoping for. I was thrilled to learn, during the ultrasound I had after our first session, that she did turn. I was also happy to come back for a weekly session to prepare my body for the birth of my first child. Beyond the amazing work you did for my body, which I’m so thankful for, I cannot appreciate enough what you did for my soul. Your guidance, encouragement, and even just being there for me when I needed someone to talk to, all are priceless for me. I’m so grateful, and feel so lucky I got to meet you and have you as a significant part of my amazing birthing experience.

Gilli, you are an extraordinary person, a wonderful woman and a caring, giving and amazing therapist. I’d like to thank you, with all my heart, for everything you’ve done for me. With lots of love,
I started seeing Gilli at age 31 after trying to get pregnant for two years. My hormones were out of whack and I turned to Gilli for alternative fertility treatment. Within 6 months of starting acupuncture with Gilli and taking the herbs she recommended, I was happily, naturally pregnant. She has continued to be both a wonderful practitioner through my pregnancy and a great resource for all things baby. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
I worked with Gilli for the better part of 5 years, through fertility treatments, 2 pregnancies, and the birth of my 2 beautiful children. Seeing Gilli for acupuncture and massage was instrumental in my health and having 2 healthy pregnancies, deliveries, and recoveries. Her gentle touch, kind and loving nature, and incredible strength and wisdom helped me more than I could ever express. Her knowledge of how the body works and is transformed through the amazing process of child bearing is a gift. I’d encourage anyone looking for a healthy pregnancy experience to include Gilli’s services in their day.
We tried getting pregnant for three years unsuccessfully. In 2009, we then tried insemination four times unsuccessfully. In October of 2009, we consulted a fertility specialist who recommended IVF. We scheduled our IVF for December, 2009. I believed that this was our final chance to become pregnant. A friend referred me to Gilli. I started to see her in late November too late to really get the benefits of acupuncture fertility treatment for a December IVF. However, Gilli’s positive attitude and wonderful spirit helped me get mentally ready for the procedure.
After implanting three eggs the IVF failed. I was devastated and depressed. I could not get out of bed for three days and couldn’t eat or concentrate. Gilli was as disappointed as I was and was a tremendous source of support for me during this time. She encouraged me to take a break from trying and to focus on getting healthy. In January, 2010, I had an inhibin of 28 and a thyroid at 3.57. I was put on medication for the thyroid but was told that nothing could be done about the quality of my eggs (the inhibin number). My family was telling me to adopt and I felt alone and became more isolated. Gilli totally disagreed with everyone, she told me that we would get pregnant. She started me on a regime of Chinese herbs to improve my eggs, acupuncture treatment weekly and changed my diet. She helped me through the depression. She also helped me learn how to reduce my stress level; I am an attorney so this was especially important. She taught me to be positive in my thinking and believe that it would happen. Most important, she supported my decision to wait before trying another cycle of IVF. She knew that I could not emotionally handle another cycle.
After 4 months of working with Gilli, I was ready to try again. We started our IVF cycle in April, 2010. Gilli encouraged me to get a blood test done to see where my levels were after her treatments. Unbelievably, my inhibin number went up to 82; my egg quality was now normal and my thyroid level went down to 2.52, also normal which was important in reducing the chance of miscarriage. Gilli joined me for the implantation in May, 2010. And I am happy to report that we are now pregnant!!!!
My pregnancy is a miracle, and although I feel I had the best Doctor, I KNOW that it was Gilli that made it happen. I am grateful for her in so many respects, but most of all, her wonderful committed spirit. She LOVES babies, and I feel that she wanted my baby as much as I did. She was ALWAYS there, supportive and the most knowledgeable person I know in the realm of fertility. Without her I know that I would not have my miracle baby. The best part for me is hearing her say, “how’s my baby doing.”
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