Acupuncture Benefits for Men

In the realm of Traditional Chinese Medicine, enhancing sperm quality, motility, and quantity is a common approach. Male infertility represents more than 40% of fertility issues within couples. Generally, the lower the sperm count and quality, the longer and more challenging it might be to achieve pregnancy. However, even men with significantly low sperm counts can ultimately contribute to a successful pregnancy.

Sperm typically matures within a span of 70-90 days. Hence, it’s crucial for men to undergo treatment (involving herbs, supplements, and acupuncture) at least three months before planning to start a family.
  • Increased genital area heat or infections can detrimentally affect sperm production, with activities like soaking in hot baths having the potential to halt sperm production entirely.
  • Obesity, particularly excess fat around the testicles due to extended sitting or driving, can lead to male sterility.
  • Smoking cigarettes or drugs significantly reduces sperm count and motility.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption can induce infertility by diminishing both the inclination and physical ability for intercourse. It also lowers sperm and testosterone production.
  • Overworking can lead to fatigue, impacting a man’s interest in intercourse similarly to excessive alcohol intake.
  • Very frequent intercourse might surpass the body’s ability to produce sperm, causing demand to exceed supply.
  • Exposure to toxins and pollutants, particularly heavy metals, can result in low sperm quality
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