Fertility Low AMH

Low AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone), produced by small ovarian follicles containing eggs, indicates fewer eggs remaining in the ovaries, as per conventional theory.

However, various factors influence egg health and the expression of original DNA parts. It’s possible to enhance egg health despite a low AMH or poor egg quality diagnosis.

The environment during egg maturation significantly impacts their quality at fertilization, affecting embryo health. Optimal conditions involve a healthy blood supply, adequate oxygen, essential nutrients, and correct hormonal signals.

Purple lotus flower plant in a river

Studies reveal that eggs from follicles with ideal blood supply and oxygen content exhibit higher fertilization rates. Aging ovaries often lack sufficient blood supply, resulting in reduced oxygen, nutrients, and hormonal signals.

Acupuncture can stimulate new blood vessel growth and enhance ovarian blood flow, while Chinese herbs and nutritional therapy improve blood supply with increased oxygen, nutrients, and strong hormonal signals. Hence, acupuncture and Chinese herbs may enhance AMH levels.

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