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Acupuncture Benefits For Men

Traditional Chinese medicine is commonly used to increase and improve the quality, motility and quantity of sperm. Male infertility accounts for over 40 percent of infertility issues in couples male partners. The general rule is that the lower the sperm count and the poorer the sperm quality, the longer it will take and the more difficult it may be for a pregnancy to occur. However, even men with very low sperm counts may eventually be successful in causing a pregnancy.

Sperm maturation averages 70-90 days. Therefore, It is essential for men to receive treatment (herbs, supplements, acupuncture) for at least 3 months prior to starting a family.

  • Men may have infertility due to the increased heat to the genital area. Infections and heat can have a detrimental effect on normal sperm production. Soaking in a hot bathtub can almost stop sperm production completely. Obese men can also become sterile because the sagging layers of fat can overheat the testicles also men whose jobs involve long hours of sitting and driving.
  • Smoking cigarettes/ drugs has been shown to reduce both the sperm count and the sperm motility to quite a major degree.
  • Excessive alcohol intake will lead to infertility mainly because a man loses both the inclination and the ability to rise to the occasion! Alcohol can also lower the production of sperm and of the male hormone testosterone.
  • Over working can lead to fatigue that can have similar effects on his interest in intercourse as excessive alcohol intake.
  • Very frequent intercourse can lead to the demand exceeding the supply.
  • Exposed to toxins and pollutants especially heavy metals can lead to low sperm quality.