I first started seeing Gilli when I was told I had a 10 millimeter herniated disc, and that I needed emergency surgery. I didn’t want to go under the knife, so my dad told me to look into acupuncture. I’m really scared of needles, but I was in so much pain, I was willing to try anything. A friend of a friend recommended Gilli and it was one of the best referrals I’ve ever had. I regularly see Gilli and I’ve had no surgery, I have very little pain, I’m back in the gym, and I’m off all prescription drugs. Her knowledge, and gentle touch, makes her clients comfortable, and keeps us coming back. And any time I get an opportunity to recommend Gilli, I do. - Danielle

When my obstetrician diagnosed me with fibroids, he told me, "Nothing can be done about them unless we give you pills or operate." I decided to try an alternative choice. I returned to my obstetrician one year later for an ultrasound. He took one look at the film and said, "Impossible." He reminded me that fibroids cannot be cured. I replied, "Fortunately, my acupuncturist doesn't believe that." After one year of consistent acupuncture treatments and herbal remedies, not only were my fibroids completely gone, but so were my allergies. For the first time since my childhood, I can pet cats and dogs without breaking out in painful hives or sneezing myself silly. I call Gilli "the Miracle Healer" ...for many very good reasons. - Erica

My feet were hurting every time I walked, and an Orthopedic Surgeon told me it was due to my Achilles. He first put me on Celebrex. That didn’t work. I was then told I’d have to go through physical therapy. I didn’t want to experiment with prescription drugs, and I wanted quick relief from my pain, so my daughter told me to see her acupuncturist. Now I see Gilli regularly and every time I see her, any pain I had completely disappears. Every time someone speaks of any kind of pain, I give them Gilli’s business card. I was first skeptical about acupuncture, but I am a true believer. - Nancy

I have been suffering from tennis elbow for a long time now. I have tried many recommendations, such as physical therapy, but all to no avail. My friend referred me to Gilli and the rest, as we say, is history. Not only has she relieved my pain, she also treats me with such kindness and compassion. You are not just another face to her, but a human being who she takes good care of with her magical hands. Forget the doctors, whenever I start to feel any pain I go to Gilli. I would recommend her to anyone. - Ruth

“I have been seeing Gilli for acupuncture for over two years now, she has helped me through lower back problems, anxiety and stress from planning a wedding and now she has helped me to become pregnant (rather quickly I may add) and is treating me during my pregnancy to make it more comfortable for both me and my baby. Gilli is amazing, she has such knowledge, an incredible energy and it is so calming and peaceful to be in her presence. Gilli brings to the table a wonderful blend of ancient tradition and practical methods -- I am lucky to have Gilli in my life and look forward to working with her through whatever the future holds.” - Kristen

"I divide my life into two parts: pre-Gilli and post-Gilli. When I went to See Gilli the presenting problem was smoking cessation. Through the process of Auriculartherapy, the treatment of nerve reflex points on the ear, I was able to quit smoking. Gilli took into account certain personality factors. For example, I'm not the type of person to quit "cold turkey" so she developed a treatment plan based on the titrate method (slowly decreasing). Within one month I was smoking three cigarettes and within two months I had stopped. While the presenting problem was addiction based, the real issue was severe depression and anxiety. I was on psychotropic medication and even with these very advanced medicines still suffered terribly.

While I was highly functioning, every day was a struggle. I relied on these medications so much that I was terrified to get pregnant and even looked into getting a surrogate. Through Gilli's infinite wisdom, expertise, knowledge and intention, my depression and anxiety subsided, was off the meds and pregnant. I continued acupuncture throughout my pregnancy and experienced the most amazing sense of calmness and complete happiness during and after the baby was born. I was convinced that I would suffer some form of postpartum never happened. I have a beautiful baby boy, I never smoked again and continue to be medication and symptom free. I owe my happiness to the art and science of acupuncture and also to Gilli. She truly changed and I'll go as far as to say, saved my life."
- Jennifer

Simply put, Gilli gave me my life back! After having been a high energy and extremely active person, I found myself this winter with zero energy and a host of problems physically which were starting to take its toll on me emotionally. However the lack of energy was particularly debilitating as it was affecting my work, my social life and responsibilities to loved ones. I used to hike for hours at a time and now found myself barely able to walk for half an hour without being exhausted for days after. After going from doctor to doctor and having a battery of expensive tests and X-rays, I was getting nowhere and felt let down by traditional medicine. Desperate for help-I kept doing research on my own, trying new supplements and changes in diet but there was still no improvement. It felt as if I was loosing my life. Luckily a friend of mine had had tremendous success with acupuncture and low energy so I decided to try it. After calling many acupuncturists but feeling no connection, I chanced upon Gilli. From the moment I talked with her, I felt hopeful. Gilli goes beyond acupuncture-she is a healer, a nutritionist, a massage therapist, a counselor and a coach. She gently suggested new ways of eating and adjustments to my lifestyle with the focus being on healing my adrenals, thyroid and liver. I really felt Gilli had a plan in mind for me to heal and recover; a strategy covering the physical, emotional and spiritual. Being stubborn and a typical type A, I fought some of the changes yet I always knew deep down that Gilli only had my best interests in mind. With every session, there was improvement. Four months later, I am feeling like my old self and will continue to see Gilli to ensure my health is the best it can be. Gilli is exceptional-I was blessed when she came into my life. - Edi


I have been seeing Gilli for over 7 years now. I first started seeing Gilli for general health care maintenance until October 2001, when I was diagnosed with bi-lateral carpal tunnel and bi-lateral epicondylitis. The doctors immediately prescribed medication and told me I would most likely need surgery. I refused the medication and surgery because I wanted my body to heal the right way. I immediately started my weekly sessions with Gilli and between physical therapy, massage work, acupuncture, cupping and Gilli's kind soul, knowledge and technique I never needed surgery. I am so thankful that I have Gilli in my life but not just for my health and well being but for the amazing positive energy she illuminates throughout our universe. - Kelle


When it comes to acupuncture, the most important thing is to go to someone you feel comfortable with and that has the knowledge you are looking for. Gilli Suppel has it all. She is a unique individual who is truly passionate about what she does and cares for her patients. She has treated me during my pregnancy, since I had all sorts of pains in my lower back which traveled to my legs and I have to say that I was looking forward to my treatment each time. She was also my doula during my delivery and I know for a fact that without her, I would not have had such an amazing, calm experience. She knows how to make you feel confident and trust your body. Gilli just has a unique positive energy about her, in addition to her ability to achieve results and guide you the right way. I highly recommend her to anyone I know. - Michelle


Gilli is a talented and nurturing healthcare professional who really tries to understand her clients and help them. My challenging pregnancy symptoms were greatly improved by regular treatments and she always had additional good advice as a practitioner and mother. I hate to think how my 9 months might have gone without her. - Claire


I have personally benefited from Gilli’s expertise with Oriental Medicine, Massage and Acupuncture. In treating my illness I first turned to traditional medicine. The physicians were constantly changing medication and trying new drugs which made me feel worse, the results where never really satisfactory and I continued to be in pain, the medication was having side effects that compounded the situation, and then Gilli came into my life. She listened and came up with a treatment program. After receiving acupuncture from Gilli the pain started easing and was less debilitating, I continued to take traditional medication but in smaller doses. Today the drugs are in the back of the medicine cupboard and I am pain free. I owe my good health today to Gilli’s healing skills and would recommend her to anyone." "It is an honor to be your client and I thank you for giving me back my life. I look forward to a continuing relationship with Gilli as she guides me to greater levels of wellness with her expertise. - Shirley


Here's the problem with going to Gilli for Acupuncture - she's the best. Gilli works only with you, she focuses only on you. You become her world for the time you are there. Her exquisite insight, kindness, pure, unconditional love are all directed 100% on your healing- so now once you experience Gilli you’re in trouble because there's only one of her....Be prepared because once you are used to Gilli all else pales in comparison. - Alexis


Gilli was a wonderful help to me during my pregnancy--acupuncture relieved many of the aches and pains I was experiencing and her advice about pregnancy & childbirth was invaluable. Gilli is a wonderful healing presence and I recommend her to friends all the time.
– Lisa

Gilli Stuppel is a true gem, a rare find. She truly cares about her patients. She is thorough and precise. Her treatments have really helped improve my overall wellbeing as well as pin-point the root of different issues and treat them accurately. - Nurit



-Gilli Stuppel, L.Ac
Licensed Acupuncturist, Childbirth Doula, Herbalist, Naturopath