Dear Gilli,

Thank you so much for all you have done for us over the past year. We are so happy to have Olivia in our lives and we truly feel that we have you to thank for her. You helped us make her, keep her, and welcome her into the world. We are so lucky to have her and equally lucky we met you! We owe you way more thanks than we could ever say in words! You were such a comforting element to us for so many months now and I couldn’t have imagined Olivia being born without you there with us. Thank you for your love and support, your kindness, your wisdom, your advice . . . and thank you for Olivia! We love you and will be back soon!


Megan, Robert and Olivia




Dearest Gilli,

My experience of labor with my first child left me feeling physically and emotionally drained. It took a very long time and I had no choice but to opt for an epidural which made me feel very detached from the final phase of the delivery.
I promised myself that next time I would do whatever I could to avoid the same experience.Of course these things are not always in our control but when I heard about Gilli Stuppel and did a little research on acupuncture as a way of preparing the body for delivery it seemed to make perfect sense to give it a go.
Although I had no way of knowing if the treatment was working until the "big day" itself I loved the quiet and relaxing time it gave me to think and prepare mentally for the birth of my little boy. What is more, as Gilli’s healing hands massaged away all the stresses and strains of those difficult last stages of pregnancy I was sure that it could only be a good thing!
Finally, when the moment came, I was taken aback by the speed of it all! After my first experience I found it very difficult to imagine I could be one of those lucky women who had a speedy delivery. And yet, there he was – less than 4 hours after the first contraction.

I think of the whole event as "fast and furious" and Gilli was there to guide me through this overwhelming experience. It was very intense but seeing her calm face and hearing her reassuring voice of support I felt able to hang on and stay in control.

I don't know if I'll have more children but I feel so grateful to have had the kind of experience that I used only to hear about from other women with much envy!
Should I ever be pregnant again you, Gilli will be the first to know!

Thank you for everything...

With all my love,




-Gilli Stuppel, L.Ac
Licensed Acupuncturist, Childbirth Doula, Herbalist, Naturopath